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when you suddenly wake up from a loud noise, but you are not sure if you were waking up at the same time as the loud noise happened and scared you wide awake. what are the odds of that right. not a lot. I can't be thinking that there is something there, like a sign or whatever. Aaah I'm doing it again almost overthinking of every little thing that happens around me. Its just that I cannot help doing that, it became a habit. But the thing that I just can't let go is that dream I just had. Mmmmm.... Remember? Remember. Remember! *sigh* Am I supposed to remember something? what is it? Maybe the dream? I think I should start writing down everything I dream or what I can remember from them. Maybe there's a clue in them. what could it be? ugh! I have more questions now. I think I should stop thinking about it and do this homework that I didn't finish last night.

*siting down*

I hate homework. I wonder who invented it? Well I have ten minutes to d this before I get to school. Oh no! its raining and today I have to go walking. *gets up* I don't remember if I have an umbrella?! I have to cover my tattoos and I don't want the make up to get all sloppy? bad? disappear? I don't even know what word it is. I am totally lost today.

*stops to realize what she said* WAIT WHAT!!!!! I AHVE TATTOOS?? BUT HOW?? THEY CANT JUST APPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE! CAN THEY?? *Shakes head* I have to calm down, maybe this is one of those weird dreams I have been having lately. right. RIGHT!! OHMYGOD! Who am I talking to anyways. mo ones here so WTF!! Okay, okay. Breath in. Breath out. *hears a voice* "Remember" *looks around* I think I'm finally losing it!! *walks around back and forward nervously*

*On the verge to cry*

Alexa: What did you just said?!

To her surprise or mine I didn't wanted to turn around but I knew that she will eventually find out. But its not like I was keeping it a secret right? Okay, here it goes. *turns around*

Alexa: *gasps* what happened? when this occurred? Do you know? Do you remember anything?

Me: No, I just woke up not too long. I was gonna do my homework but started to overthink about my dreams and the word "Remember" and I saw that it was raining and started to think that I didn't know where was my umbrella and I said something about covering the tattoos and it clicked and I started to freak out just like right now. * takes a deep breath*

Alexa: ok okay just calm down and keep taking deep breaths. Sit down and I can explained it for you. well part of it.

Me: you know? but how? what!! what's going on!

Alexa: Please try to stay calm and sit down okay. For you to star to see and remembering pieces of your past so sudden. Its a bit alarming. Something must be going on. Wait right there ok I'm just getting something from the room. *walks away to a room*

Me: to see and to remember pieces of my past? My past what? *thinking deep* MY PAST LIVE!!!
Could it be?

Voice: yes your past live or important OUR past live.

*gets up quickly*

I think I AM going crazy. always talking to myself well who doesn't talk to themselves right? But to the point of listening a voice. I surely wont say anything or people will think I am actually crazy.

Alexa: what are you doing there? come here and sit down. I have to show you something.

Me: what's that?

Alexa: you could say it is a magic book. This book will open up and reveal everything you hid away and everything you sealed.

*grabs book and opens it*

Me: Its blank!

Alexa: At the moment but for every little memory you gained the book will only show it to you and just you. no one else. You can keep the book with you and when you think you might remember something open the book and it will show you. well more or less is like it will return that memory of that time and how it happen or how it got to that. You know the before, during, and after of that memory.

Me: Something is telling me that maybe by the end of this week I might have fully remember everything.

Alexa: *shocked*

Me: Alright then it is time to get this cover up and go to school. We already gonna be late so let try to hurry up.

Okay I think everything is all set and now its time to go to school. * hears the thunder* Oh yes! that's my weather alright. The cold rain and wind with the beautiful lightning and music to my ears the thunder. I haven't seen a storm or the weather like this. After a storm the sun always shines brighter. And yes after all this I will shine brighter and finally put all the missing pieces together. I don't know why I never have question the life that I was living in before knowing this. Its like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wait I remember a long semi-dark hallway. A grand door at the end with light trying to get out. Blood, more blood and a promise. Love and betrayal. friends and enemies. Peace and war. Oh my head! I think a side effect to remembering most things so soon are headaches and a lot of emotions boiling up. Don't worry Zakura you're strong and you can handle anything. You have in the past, you are in the present and you will in the future. No one and nothing can stop you anymore.

*stop at the entrance of school*
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