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Just wasting more time. I like to do it I guess.
- Biology - 36.5/50 (forgot to attempt a 6-mark question)
- Chemistry - 40/50
- Physics - 35.5/50 (terrible headache, fell ill that day)
- Islamic studies - 43/50 (I don't know, teacher says great marks I say I want more :p)
- Geography - 21.5/25 (I skipped a diagram and a list of locations, thinking it won't come. You can very well imagine what happened next)
- History - 19/25 (Our teacher never really taught us anything, we're under crisis at the moment)
- Maths - 39/50 (no justifications)
- Urdu - 41/50
- English - 37/50 (Strict marking, the highest are 39 anyways. My essay was loved by the teacher and she read it out in class. I lost marks in the letter)
So yeah that's all. I'm upset, and so are my parents, friends and teachers, but I've got one month for mid-terms. I'll just pray I don't mess up again - like the past 3 years I've been messing up.
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