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Published by Kate Sen in the blog Kate Sen's blog. Views: 58

The big news of the day: it appears that the flow of time had been magically reversed for about half our population for part of the day today.

From roughly 7am to about 7:42am murderers were resurrecting their archenemies and ex-wives from the dead, and ob-gyns were stuffing babies back into their mothers like stuffing turkeys on Thanksgiving.

As I said, this happened for roughly half of the population. So how did the other half react to it? 63% of them didn't notice: too engrossed in their autopilot routines, the rest thought that 89% of the population had gone crazy (which strangely is a lower statistic than the usual 91%).

The biggest problem of course was when those for whom time was reversed interacted with those who were still forward thinking. Mothers resenting that they now had to be pregnant all over again after labor, and murder victims glaring at their ex-murders now-redeemers who had prevented them from being reunited from their long lost loved ones who continue to rest in peace.

But even that did not result in that much of a change if you really think about it: those who hated each other continued to do so for different reasons, and you had a bunch of homicidal pregnant women.

It is reassuring really to find out that reversing time would not result in as many changes as you might think.
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