REVIEW: Clash of the Titans

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Recently I managed to get my paws on the recent movie called "Clash of the Titans" (with Sam Worthington).

The title got me hyped up for epic battle scenes with gods pitted against gods.

Instead, it can all be boiled down to one paragraph:

Man hates the Gods, Man wishes to overthrow the Gods, the Gods strike back, Man has a conflicted Demigod (Perseus) that doesn't want to be among the Gods.

It was just your run-of-the-mill story of a man who doesn't want to be a hero and save the world yet is forced to save the world.

All I got out of this was that the Greek Gods were right arses. Medusa's origins has her being assaulted by Posideon in Athena's place, but Athena does nothing worth crap except make Medua so ugly that one gaze can turn people to stone.

And Perseus? His origin was that Zeus went and "did it" with a mortal woman who just so happens to be married to a crazy general (Argo general, I think). Said general locks both wife and baby in coffin and chucks them into the sea. Thankfully a lone fisherman discovers the coffin, rips off the lid and adopts the boy.

It was constantly riddled with deux ex machinas as well. For instance, "Oh no! Perseus' left arm is infected with venom from Hades and is slowly desintegrating! Behold! These mysterious people we've never seen before suddenly possess the magical ability to cure said infected arm!"

I left after about an hour's worth of watching it. It did not appeal to me at all, and I love hearing about Greek mythology!

So, rating time!!


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