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Published by Em_Anders in the blog Em_Anders's blog. Views: 177

One thing I love about returning to old characters or old story ideas, is having the opportunity to see them with a fresher perspective. I've noticed that once I start writing something, I spend so much time on it I get caught up in the story's web and my own little world, that what I end up with is something only I enjoy reading.

Last weekend I decided to revisit my first and favorite character, Sabrina. She's psychotic, suffers from manic mood swings, changes her hairstyle and color like other's change underwear, and thoroughly enjoys catting her mice before eating them. She's violent, sadistic, and sometimes borders on sociopathic. She is so clear in my mind it's like looking at my own memories instead of looking at a figment of my imagination. And I only take her out for a spin when my own life gets too hectic to deal with.

35 pages of 12-point font and that's not including the prologue or the outline. I'm so proud of myself for these small accomplishments I could just *squee. In an attempt to better my education and gain entrance into a University, I learned it would make things much easier to apply for an Undergrad in English with Emphasis on Creative Writing if I had my own portfolio established. With the smattering of short stories and imperfect poems I have to my name, I wanted to add something else to this as-yet developed portfolio that would blow the minds of those who read it. i wanted to add a little variety to my blah-bland portfolio with its romantic and eccentric short stories and poems. I wanted to share my flavor of crazy.

I hope the creative juice still juices and I finish the first five chapters before it's time to apply. I'm so nervous about my habit of quitting half-way will rear its ugly malformed head and end my productivity. Ambition is a new taste to me, as Competitiveness had been only 7 short months ago. Hopefully it washes down well with Grit and Determination.
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