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OK, something is definitely wrong here. Bush Jr, Palin, Bachmann, Cain, and now Perry. And Cain seems to be the most competent of the astronomical retards. But why? What the hell is going on? People look at the TV point, laugh, and wonder how in the world people like this could ever seriously run for president. Is that the extent of their wonder?

These people are GOVERNORS. Elected officials intrusted with the welfare of an entire state of arguably the most powerful nation in the world. Was anyone watching what I was watching? Everyone is entitled to their goof ups. Cain doesn't really count here. He's just dirty and got caught. Bachmann strikes me as the most vampire-like woman I have ever seen in real life. But Bush, Palin, and Perry? They don't just mess up, they mess up consistently. But they were GOVERNORS. They can't possibly be really like that. Maybe they are purposefully doing this. Turning elections into some sort of huge reality TV show where you have the serious contestants and the obvious goofs you know were slipped by just to provide laughs. Maybe this whole thing is some sort of distraction. I mean, the more I look at it, the more silly it seems. TOO silly. These are supposed to be among the most educated people in our society. How could a Perry make it past Mayor? How did he even make it there? He probably drove the whole way on the wrong side of the road. These are CARTOONS I'm watching. Grown up cartoons.


We're being mocked. We have to be. This can't be serious. They're not taking us seriously anymore. I'm convinced the office of President doesn't mean anything. Merely a figurehead. Because if goofs like this can be Governor's of a state, than the President can't be much better. It's either madness or some sort of game and either way, my faith in something good in the political cogs is burnt.
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