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Rielle hunter – the former mistress of john edwards ™

Published by ts735b in the blog ts735b's blog. Views: 170

I know every tom, dick and harry in tandem with the media hounds probably step on each other to extract even a snippet of the liaison between yourself and john edwards.

My apology for appearing like another nosy nattering nabob (who nestles in narberth, pennsylvania) and merely wanted to congratulate your effort for enduring a most grueling recent past.

Although no intent spurs this electronic note to wheedle out any private information, the main purpose as iterated above constitutes praising your mettle to fend off overly intrusive public or private individuals who seem to thrive on gathering gossip and frequently attempt to make a buck in the process!

Yes, you may possibly find fame and fortune i.e. a truckload of disposable income within easy reach, but by dint of being entwined with the aforementioned politician, the means to live an anonymous life seems well nigh impossibly!

So, once again this unknown respondent simply commends the psychic stamina from enduring the onslaught of caustic, fatalistic, sarcastic, et cetera remarks and perhaps even pointing the finger (middle one to be precise) of guilt for sabotaging the former peaceful easy drama-free existence of john edwards!

He must be held accountable for fostering a liaison (which affair got splashed across the front page of all the major publications) that came crashing down like a juggernaut and essentially spelled the reputation of his character!

Anyway, i act without any ulterior motive, but mainly reiterate your bravado, courage, erstwhile firm grit hoisting yourself and young son toward acceptance into the local community!

No need to reciprocate nor comment per my spurious whim to send this note! Other more pressing matters take precedent! Maintenance of your mental and spiritual selves require utmost priority as does providing the essential maternal care this supposed "love child" will clamor for in an effort to be cushioned from the incessant encroachment of unwonted camera crews blithely camping and violating that sacred personal space!

postscript: despite this maelstrom of mailer daemons and yahoos cavorting as if attending some bacchanalia festival, your visage, face, countenance weathered this storm with beauty and charm still intact!
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