Rookie Blue's broken record

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Ok, so I know I just posted a semi-rant of this show in the tv show thread, but I really can't get it out of my head!

First, it's the tension between Rookie and Training Officer. The tension between Rookie and Detective. The tension between Detective and Training Officer. One big, cliched and extremely addictive love triangle.
Rookie: Andy McNally
Training Officer: Sam Swarek
Detective: Luke Callahan

Sam made the first move on Andy, Andy declined since it was her first week on the police force. Luke makes the next move on Andy, and she accepts. Andy has an extremely rough night and Luke is unsupportive. She goes to Sam's place and they make out (FINALLY), but then she comes to her senses and leaves before it gets heavy.
Since that episode, I have found the tension building between Sam and Andy, and Andy's wavering in her decision to marry Luke or not, to be one of the most annoying things ever. I mean, it is driving me crazy!! I just want to reach into my TV and shake the sh*t out of Andy sometimes! And then pull Sam Swarek out and into my living room (oh-la-la!).

And another reason I'm so dang hung up on this show is because the character, Sam Swarek, is exactly how I wanted my own character Bentley to turn out. I know writing for this show started way back in 2009 (Very possibly earlier than that), and their first season aired in 2010, but I haven't heard of this show until AFTER I started writing my Bentley character. I didn't see the tv show until after I'd gotten Bentley worked into the majority of my ridiculous no-plot-having-stories.

So do I keep watching Rookie Blue, takes notes and tips on how to further develop and make Bentley more complex? Or stop watching it altogether to avoid plagiarism? I will say that doing the latter will be a very hard thing for me to do (watching, not plagiarizing) since I'm so addicted and invested in the show already. I am just so frustrated! I think I've even created new onomonopias because of it!
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