Rough Draft of Zanier and Cael

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I pulled a tear across my mind,
wiped away my heart dry.
No need to explain what happened here,
I have lost him again.

He rustled my clothes in the dim shadowlight.
I knew he was leaving, but I still feared.
Oh, the bright light told me so,
when she settled across the great hall.

The light told me of the faith of him.
His loyalty to me was the death of war.
The death of the shadow looming over
the crimson waves.

The crimson waves which drowned the city
killed away the fears.
The fears of my people could now be silenced,
though my fear still echoed.

The echo stretched across black halls
hit against the walls and it pulled.
It pulled at my heart strings,
about the man who would be a city-state hero.

I stared into his magic eyes one last time.
I grabbed onto his powerful soul one last time.
His lips graced me twice before he left me.
His presence endearing before he left me...

That's all I got to before I decided to find a pattern and stick to it.

Music: Groove Coverage
Role play:

It's a story of the Irish during the middle ages when the Saxons were starting to take over.

Cael, the son of a Saxon and a Celt, is trying to find a way into the Elven City of Golden Leaf run by Queen Zanier. He begs the queen, after being caught by Pavlon the head guard, to help his dying mother for the sake of his little sister, Aislinn.

Queen Zanier agrees because she senses something magical about his presence. Pavlon, Thorin and Aida go off with Cael to grab his family and his items of payment. His payment being teaching the blacksmith's of Golden Leaf how to make chain mail and his full ranch of horses.

They come back with the horses and their mother's tablet which bears the symbol that Cael so artistically placed on his shield.

Later on Raudh, the son of an animal caretaker and the Queen's historian, meets Cael in Tia's Healer shop.

blah, blah, blah... People almost die. Blah, Blah, blah, people are special and related to The Mother.

Later on this dream occurs:

"Waves of crimson washed up around the city and began to swirl around the city. A voice from up in the black sky shrilled a woman's voice, "Run! Run!" The city was engulfed and suddenly from the hills to the north stood an army which was quickly covered in darkness. The darkness swooped over the city and it was dark and silent from all the screams heard in the city. Destructive fiery light appeared from the earth and the putrid perfume of carnage filled the air as dead bodies laid across the earth. The fire turning the innocent now dead flesh into a meat offering for a man in armor with a scar across his eye and blackness in his heart."

The dream is given to Cael, Aislinn and the Oracle of Golden Leaf.

Then the poem (which I twisted because that doesn't happen in my story) is based on the scene after a meeting where the Mother Goddess herself appears and tells Zanier that Cael has left to try and save the city-state Golden Leaf.

Though in my version of the roleplay Cael won't be dying and they have a daughter named Tyranna <-- May be exchanged later, and the city of Golden Leaf eventually does fall prey, but this time to a Norman man who agrees to the mixing of cultures (it's William the Conqueror, but I don't mention that.)

William has a son, william dies, leaving his wife alone. Aislinn's father, one who is possessed by the darkness becomes King. Aislinn has been banned before her father's reign for being a brat and stealing the crown jewels then returning them. Eventually this leads to a different story about Aislinn and the Fool. ^w^ I get excited just thinking about it.

Anyways, that's the story behind Zanier and Cael.
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