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Published by afinemess in the blog afinemess's blog. Views: 110

I am still not finished with my novel. I had to print it off yesterday, because I was getting a headache looking at it on the computer. (you wanna know what'll piss ya off real quick? Forget to add in the page numbers after saving it in a new program, then getting it out of order on accident. Not my most brilliant moment:mad:) I'm editing and adding in the final details. I think there will be no problem of it being the length of a regular published novel. I am at 61k, and I have 4 things to add and the entire last 4 chapters to elaborate. I guess four is the number of the day, eh?
I made the mistake of telling people on facebook I was writing a novel. Its what happens when your proud of yourself, but now they all want to read it, which is just freaking me out.
I know the intention of writing a novel was for people to read, but now the thought of someone delving into my created world and potentially tearing it apart gives me goose pimples. I mean, I love it. I created it. It would be like not liking your kid. But no one else has too...
Oh, and lastly, there will be no more deadlines. The last few deadlines I gave myself ended up with my kid getting sick and postponing the end, so I'll just say, it will be done, when it's done.
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