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Run...run,run away.

Published by Un-substantial in the blog Un-substantial's blog. Views: 69

I want to run.

Run fast.



I want to run somewhere.
To nowhere.

No place.
Or to some place.

Run to reality.
To all the complications.

I want to run to fantasy.
To simplicity.

To happiness.
To love.

Or to anger.


If I could run forever.
Never stopping.

Away from everything.
And towards everything.

I would lose everything.
And gain everything.

I want to run so badly.
So desperately.

But you know what?
I can't run.

Not from this.
Not from anything.

I'm stuck.
Stuck with me.

I can't run from me.
I'm doomed forever.

I can't escape.
So I'll have to survive.

Survive reality.
The complications.

But I can do it.
With help.

Help from You.
And help from those You sent.

I don't need to run.
I just want to.

Soon I won't have to run.
I won't want to.

Because I'll always be with You.
And be loved.

By You.
And others.

And I will love You.
And love those who love me.

You'll help me with that.
Help me with everything.

Thank you.
For everything
  • SonnehLee
  • Un-substantial
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