Runnin the miles.

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In what I consider to be a large step in my filming career, I'm doing a music video and some recording work for a local Reggae band. They're called Rasta Miles, they're pretty talented. It's a three man band for the most part, but they have a bassist for some live shows. I just put up a youtube channel and uploaded some mp3s for em. I'm doing the video for free, but I'm excited because if I do a good job on it I can charge other bands for videos in the future. Anyway, this is the song I'm doing the video for.
I really like it, I helped pick it out of their list of songs.

After I finish with this music video, I have a short film I'm working on. The schedule right now is so tight I'll literally be getting a ride from the set of the music video to the set of the short, as it stands at the moment. It's a sci-fi/thriller, it's about 14 pages. You can comment your email if you're interested at all in the script.

Then after that I'm doing two more short films and two more music videos over the summer, then I'm going to start fundraising for a trip to Europe with People to People :) I'm excited, I want to film the Irish countryside more than anything. It involves a two-day homestay, and I get to rappel down a castle wall in Wales. Rappel down a castle wall! How awesome is that!?

Then my film instructor and I are going to start fundraising to rent a RED One camera, a professional digital camera, to shoot a feature length film. The RED One is currently being used to shoot The Hobbit Part One and Part Two, and it was also used to film The Social Network, as well as upcoming indie film by Kurt Schneider "College Musical" (it's a parody of High School Musical) Anyway, we'll be renting that to shoot my film which we'll be entering in the CineVegas film festival, Nashville Film Festival, and Sundance Film Festival. We might not make it into any of them, but here's hoping we do! :)
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