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Running with the devil beginning

Published by captain kate in the blog captain kate's blog. Views: 135

while working to take my mind off something that is bothering me:

The city lights at night looked beautiful.

A single transport flew through the dark a passenger looking out the window. The craft’s personnel compartment had been darkened and the flight crew moved with care. Dressed in a skin-tight black jumpsuit, the woman they were transporting was nearly invisible to the crew’s commander.

Kate reached down and felt her backpack of equipment at her feet. Forty-eight hours earlier, a technician had left Fleet Command in Washington DC. When he left he had taken a copy of Fleet’s most covert ship and weapons designs with him stored in his cyber brain.

A routine security sweep of their computer systems had found the theft and Fleet Command reacted. Within minutes of the discovery, Fleet Intelligence had been notified and that was when it effected her. With basic training finished, she had been planning on taking a trip.

Which would have been my first vacation of any type in my life, she thought. Life on Necko didn’t give me a chance to take them.

She watched the transport approach the target building and she thought back to her mission briefing. Rear Admiral Reyes, Chief of Fleet Intelligence, had summoned her to his office. After apologizing, very weakly in her opinion, he had told her about the theft. Word on the street, he had said, placed the technician in Richmond working to cut a deal with the Sagnar Federation. Her mission, whether she liked it or not, was to stop the sale of their secrets with whatever force was necessary.

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