Sabby has taken over :rolleyes:

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So one of my MC's has turned into my favorite. And by favorite, I mean I started out writing with 5 (sometimes 6) main characters all running around, doing what they do, to only writing 3; Sabby, Warden, and Bentley. But even Warden's beginning to take a back seat.

I find this frustrating because I really need my other MC's (Taren, Lainey, and Eve) to move along in their 'lives' so I can pick my plot back up. Being stuck as they are, only half my plot is moving on, and even that is stunted because I still need Taren to meet Warden to complete that half, and then Taren to 'disappear' (which her disappearance begins as well as completes, the other half).

It can't be writer's block because when I put my mind to it, I have no problem writing out these other characters, but Sabby has become my go-to MC, and it is just... Frustrating.
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