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There are four races that live on the planet of Aether. All four of them are descendants of the original race. The original race was called Aers. They were nomads and pretty primitive. However, they were also very peaceful, and lived in harmony with nature. The god of chaos decided that this was boring. He altered all of the females so that thier offspring would be mutated versions of Aers. Over time there were no Aers left and in their place ruled the four races of Aether. The god of chaos made sure that they mistrusted each other and that some would have ambition and hatred. The god of chaos was stripped of his rank of a major god and replaced by Razer, who became the god of war.


I don't think I need to go too much into detail about how humans look. ;) Anyways, they are one of the most ambitious race. They are always trying to expand their territory and influence, and never seem to be content with what they have.

High Elves:

In terms of appearance, these are you classic LOTR type elves. They are pretty peaceful, but will defend themselves if threaten. They mostly stick to themselves and try to stay out of the conflicts of other races. They can live for a couple thousand years. They prefer the forest and river terrain over others. They are often seen as arrogant by the other races.

Night Elves:

They have the classic pointed ears. Their skin is dark blue and they usually have dark black, or dark red hair. Their eyes are bright red. They often have tribal tattoos. They are a warrior race, and train for battle throughout their entire lives. They usually live in tribes rather than kingdoms or empires. They are pretty territorial. They won't start fights with others unless they are threatened, though once the battle has begun, they are honor bound to never surrender. They tolerate others, and if someone has proven they are a trustworthy and honorable ally, they will be very loyal.

Iceras (I-saras):

They appear to be cat, human hybrids. They mostly have a human body, though they have cat ears, eyes, and a tail. They live in tribes and don't usually do much with the other races. They rarely take things seriously and are known to be pretty sarcastic.
I've taken this race out of the story.
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