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Xare Aldrich is going to be a very important character in my fantasy series, Sagas of Aether. Some of you have already met her in the rpgs on here, though I'm not sure If I'll give her the nickname Fox in my story or not. She is one of the best soldiers for the kingdom of Adon.

Since the vast majority of its territory is grassland, the backbone of the Adonian military is its calvery. The calvery is divided into two factions, knights and riders. The riders make up the majority of the calvery and is the first line of defense against bandits and invaders. In theory, the knights are supposed to be like their elite forces, however most of them got there simply because they come from a rich or powerful family. The only group of knights that do know how to really fight is the dragon battalion, which is led by Xare's older brother, Kayle.

The riders have five generals. One supreme leader and four regional generals. Each regional general runs one of the great fortresses that are on the outskirts of Adon's territory. One in the north, in the south, west and east. Xare is the fifth general of the riders and defender of the north.

Appearance and physical attributes:

As for appearance she is six feet tall and ripped. Her muscles aren't too big, but it would be obvious that she can beat damn near anyone in a contest of strength. Her main armor is very heavy, full body metal armor. Most people probably wouldn't even be able to move in it, but she makes it look easy to fight in it. She has short crimson colored hair and dark green eyes.

She fights with a lance that is about as tall as she is. She is a great fighter on both horseback and standing. She has amazing strength and near limitless endurance.


Xare alternates between being blunt and sarcastic. She will let you know exactly what she thinks of you. She is very protective of the people that lives in the part of the kingdom that she defends. She will destroy anyone who is a threat to someone she protects. She is pretty laid back when in a comfortable setting.


Xare was born into a very wealthy and powerful family. The Aldrich's have been a part of the knights for as long as Adon has existed. Her mother died during her birth. Her father blames Xare for his wife's death, and never spoke directly to her, unless he was punishing her for something. Instead he spent all of his time with her brother Kayle, who is a year older. Since just about every male Aldrich joined the knights, her father started training him in basic combat techniques at age five. Xare would watch from a distance and mimic what her father and brother was doing, in hopes that is she became strong, he would spend time with her also. This usually just led to her getting scolded by her dad and step-mom for not acting like a proper young lady.

Since the Aldrich's are a noble family, the women were always expected to act like perfect little princesses. Xare on the other hand, would often play with the boys at her school and refused to wear a dress or any thing are girl was expected to wear. This usually led to her teachers and step-mon telling her, quite forcefully, that she is a girl and thus has to act like one. Whether she likes it or not. At rather than being upset at her parents, she was envious of her brother since he got to do anything he wanted. She decided that she would become stronger than her brother, at all costs.

Around ten, her father died in a battle against a group of bandits. She trained even harder to become strong, in order to be a knight like her father. Her brother would go against their step-moms orders and would help her. At thirteen, she got into a huge arguement with her step-mom about it. Xare finally told her exactly what she thought of her and all of the other highclass ladies. It felt good, so she swore to always be honest with what she thought of people from that point on. Her step-mom told her that if she hates it so much, then she should just leave. So Xare left.

She went to live with her uncle, who is a retired knight. He trains her in combat and survival. She spends the next three years training as hard as she could. Sometimes to the point that she would pass out from exhaution. At sixteen she tried to join the knights. Every year they have all potiential knights, come to the coliseum in the capital city of Aegis. They have to challenge a member of the knights to a battle. They don't have to win, only impress the knight general and atleast one of the captains. She challenged her brother, who is the captain of the dragon brigade. They fight to a draw, in an amazing battle. The knight general turns her down however, since he thinks it would be dishonorable to let a girl into the knights.

Luckily for her, the top general of the riders was also there. He said that he would gladly take someone of her skill. She serves as a luitenant for the fifth general of the riders, in the northern region of the kingdom, for the next four years. When he dies in a battle, she is promoted to take his place. A lot of people didn't like that decision. However, since she won battle after battle against bandits and other kingdoms, her critics started to back off.

She started to get invited to parties by nobles in the northern region. Seeing how they treated the commeners, disgusted her. She starts to feel ashamed of her kingdom. Then during at stay in the capital, the knight general is attacked by an assassin named Ares. She fights him to a draw, but he manages to escape. She sees him again near the end of her stay. She chases him, until they get to a private area. He tells her that he just wants to talk, so she decides to listen to him. He convinces her to betray Adon and join his revolution. The riders that serve under her decide to stay loyal to her, and also join Ares.

Over time, her and Ares become very close and she becomes his lover, as well as one of the top generals for his empire.
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