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As a sailor in life you begin in wonder and excitement

followed by the rigors of learning, trial, and adversity.

Along the way you learn more about yourself, the people around you, the ways of the environment, all kinds of things...

You may become so strong and spirited that you set out on your own,

looking for a place no others know of but yourself;

a place marked in the depths of your soul.

Life's treasure-

so distinct it is quite unique from another-

brings you through all types of waters fair and foul.

You learn to appreciate the good days, prepare for the bad ones;

you value friendship and company;

you appreciate good aid and advice;

you give and you receive and you grow as you achieve-

the little boat is know a seaworthy vessel.

At the twilight of this voyage

you are a master of your trade;

years of experience are etched into your mind,

long days at sea have written volumes in your heart,

and the pain and pleasure of memories treasures fill your waking moments as much as the present.

Now your sail rocks into the sunset,

you are old but firm, you are not quite done yet;

because in time you realize that life is the treasure,

that prize that you seek,

and that the beauty of life

may be in chasing an eternity

radiant in the visage of your dreams

eternally yours

and ever evolving.
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