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This is an email my dad legitimately received that he had to send to me since it was so horrible. Please, use this to remind others that we do need those high school English classes at least. And to check over what they write. Ugh.


So did you watch the football games lately. It was fun partying with
Cowboy fans their was 4 plus me their...that game was fun! I know the
Vikes would blow it...Their never ment for the Super bowl... But something
to watch on Sundays in the fall. Hey has the store Business going well I
hope. Woody the Next time I planning on coming up is State Fair? this only
i plan right now.
When I was up their John B and I had lunch BS for a while,He would like me
to pick up some peppers and a Tee shirt for him would you like anything
just call or e-mail me. My bros and mom coming down next month, On or tour
I will pick things up. The trip start Feb 19-28
So let me know before hand...After I get back I will e-mail you and JB
for your Address so I can ship them off,

Have a good week and talk you later,

It's a sad world we live in.
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