Schizophrenic poetry that's cliched

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I’m a bit Kurt Kobain in the brain

No you’re not

Making bids for squids

I like squid

Swimming in the consumption of alcohol

You big emo, you

Always setting the tone in losing my back bone

Where did you lose it?

Like an invertebrate

But not really

I need to be doused in Dutch courage

Self-esteem issues?

Ending the night in a flourish

Even though you’re depressed?

A flurry of punches in a skirmish?

You couldn’t beat snow off a rope

Waking up the next day I’m determined not to squirm

But you squirm anyway?

But my face turns red in a flush of embarrassment

That sounds more like you

I’m abhorred by my behaviour the night before

Well you fucking should be, you muppet

But I move on to the next night

And it’ll be all right.

I love clichés too

The key is to learn

And not to repeat

Your previous disgraceful feats

Anymore in the locker?

You worry your just destined

To repeat the process

Keep ‘em comin’

But in a drunken haze you’ve got other priorities

Emo, comin’ through

I might be oblivious to

Seeing the bigger picture

You disgust me

I’ll never be a bum living in the slums

But you’ll be a bum writing on Microsoft word?

Am I disparagingly arrogant?

Nothin’ to be arrogant about, mate

Fuck the melancholy, I’m jolly, check the melody.

But there’s no melody. This isn’t a song?

Upliftin’, it’s siftin’ through my pores

That’s because you don’t wash, you greasy bastard

George Doors what’s the scores?

I don’t know I never watched Shooting Stars

What’s the story Balamory? Don’t bore me

Your tedious rhymes are boring me

Get wasted and pasted, whore the floor

Your mum’s a whore

I’m over hungover, red rover give me a clover

What about a bulldozer?

Let’s wreck this place

Let’s not.

Would you be so kind, I’m blind, I can’t find my face

Look in the mirror

Give space for the disgrace, ‘till he finds his face

You are a disgrace

(And so are your rhymes)

Will you take a chance with romance?

What’s with all the questions?

But will you?

I don’t know I’m not a queer.

Would you fuck off with your negativity?

Would you fuck off with your positivity?

Let’s just agree to disagree

You’re the nihilist, I’m the optimist

Does that make us polar opposites?

Aye, but opposites attract?

Fuck you, I’m not attracted to you

Okay then, you’re the homophobe, I’m the liberal

What were we talking about again?

I dunno, I forget

Well that’s not much good, I’m on a stream of consciousness here, help me out

Do your own thinking you lazy bastard

If I’m boozin’ am I losing?

We’re back on track

Society just demands of me

Society wants you to kill yourself

I go a way that they say

No one said anything, it’s all in your head

There’s no choice, just one path

What the hell are you talking about?

I am bleeding, emotionally

*Cuts wrists*

just follow me

To the mental hospital!

Live life to the full, you’ll never be dull

It’s so dark in here

A surplus of stories to impress your mates

Just make them up

Have success on dates, a sexual C.V that reads like Bill Gates mates

You’re still a virgin

No I’m not , what about that prostitute?

Nevermind…continue with your lyricism…

I'm not going to, just because you told me to

You really are disturbed

No, YOU'RE disturbed




Where's my medication, Nurse Ratched?

Nurse Ratched's not here to help you, MUHAHAHA

Jack! Don't let go jack!

Dawson or Nicholson?

I don't know

Does it matter?
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