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So, I started my Freshmen year three days ago. It really isn't as bad as most movies and TV shows make it out to be. For me, anyways.

My day starts with World history. It's not so bad, my teacher is nice (so far no homework from her :D) Then I go to Algebra I. This class is the most annoying. We always get an assignment which is pretty much impossible to complete during class. It's mostly review right now, so that's not such a problem. But I sit next to a very talkative friend, so working is pretty much out of the window.

After I get out of that I have Health class. This is probably the best class of my day, seeing as my teacher doesn't work us to hard, and he is a pretty fun guy. Once I'm out of Health I get to go to lunch. We can leave the school during lunch, so I ride my bike home a back to help stay in shape.

The last half of the day starts with Biology. It's a challenging class, but the teacher is fairly laid back, so we don't get much work. My last class is band. Band is awesome. We have lots of fun with all of the performances we have, and our field show theme is Apollo XII so it is also cool.

To answer the question you all have been thinking since I said I was in band, I play Trombone. SLIDE PRIDE!

The most prominent downside to all this is I now have a very much so impaired block of time to be able to write. Maybe I should be working on my story instead of writing this blog. Hmmm...

Lastly, for all those who read my last post, I failed the test to skip English 9. I only got 66%, so I'm stuck taking the same class as everyone else.
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