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Rodger was unsure. For as long as he could remember he loved to run, short distance, long distance, it did not matter so long as he was running. In high school he joined his track and field team and decided to specialize in the 100 meter and the 4 by 100 meter.
Steven was sure. He had always wanted to run, long distance was all he could stomach, he hated short distance. But it was not enough to hate short distance, he hated short distance runners. “You know that you’re wasting your time, right” he would say to Rodger and the other sprinters on the team.
You see Steven believed that running short distance would never take anyone anywhere, he thought that, not only was long distance better on the track but it was better in practical situations. “If there is a mugger trying to take your wallet what will be more useful? running 300 feet away from the guy only to have him catch up and rob you seconds later? or be capable of running kilometers in the opposite direction?” Steven would also constantly bother the sprinters about how simple short distance running was, and that in distance running there is far more work than in sprinting. Rodger would shake his head and walk away, relatively unbothered by the comments launched by Steven and the rest of the distance runners.
Rodger was unsure. He knew that he loved running, he did not know where it would take him and he did not care, Rodger simply wanted to run. He wondered why not all felt this way, he wondered why it so important to others that he run a certain way. As to the claims that sprinting required no effort, while neither do many things, yet the distance runners never attack them. He thought that distance runners were far to eager to boast about the amount of work they do and how fulfilling a career as a distance runner would be, while they’re were simultaneously complaining about the amount of work and how hard the life of a distance runner is.
I suppose what Rodger really wanted was a place to run where, no one would ever question why he ran certain distances, a place where no one ever told him that they ran so much more than him today and that he should be thankful he was not them. Because Rodger was not them, he was Rodger. Yes what Rodger really wanted was a place to run.
Rodger was unsure.
Steven was sure.
Rodger ran to run.
Steven ran to be a runner.
Rodger was sure.
Steven was sure.
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