Screw You Too

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You know what forget it about my shit. Forget about listening to my creations ever again since you think they are shit. Forget about me even wanting to help you with an attitude like this.

I have always loved you for the things you have done for this family. But now you're a downright prick.

I have never been so angry at you before. Never been so mad where I want to destroy what you have too.

I have never hated you until now. And right now I really do hate you. You're suppose to be the person who was suppose to support me. It's why I am here. And yet you're not.

You didn't sound happy about me getting published. Or me trying to find my own dreams. While someone actually behaves slovenly around here, playing 8hrs of video games all day while someone is out in college for 8hrs is not the same thing.

Don't antagonize her, but antagonize me about responsibility. I'm the person who I cleaned up their mess for. I'm the person who throwaways his garbage. I ask, who's that garbage on that counter in the bathroom is? Yeah it isn't mine cause I threw my garbage away.

Don't point your finger at the wrong person. But just know I have lost faith in you. I do not want anything to do with. Don't talk to me.
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