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Yesterday I had the pleasure of interpreting a call for a major American bank which has sent its over-the-phone payment-taking function to an overseas call center.

Oh, the joy! :rolleyes:

It seems that scripts are all the rage this year when it comes to delivering customer service. I even hear scripts used by the friendly young lady helping me with my cell phone issues. Some scripts are cleverly disguised to sound like casual conversation, but when you hear the exact same casual banter used again, and again, it becomes clear that it is anything but casual.

You guessed it! Scripted.

Are we so faithless in the individuals whom we hire that we must give them these scripts in order to perform? Have we merely replaced automated recordings with living, breathing recordings? Has anyone actually determined the efficacy of using scripts when attempting to deliver customer service? Have we allowed ‘efficiency experts’ to dehumanize our performance in order to reduce the standard deviation from a given norm? Are we robots now? Shall we positronicly process our conversations?

On my call yesterday, the individual who was reading from a script became audibly frustrated with his customer for not following, to the letter, answers which would fit his script. He actually lost control of his demeanor for a moment. I was surprised. Very.
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