Secret Agent Maannn!

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I have a purse, a special black purse with KGB engraved on the side. (It's supposedly a designer purse, but I found it at a thrift store.. I actually bought it only because of the KGB engraving, as the KGB are Russian and Russia is the epitome of awesomeness).

This morning I felt like checking the hidden pockets in the thing, and I found quite a bit of paper and business cards, among other things.
It was funny to me, as I was trying to imagine what this person was like, and why they sold their purse.

There was an Airport receipt, from Kitchener to Chicago, a fortune cookie saying, a comedy club business card, a membership card for a big craft/material supply store, and some American change. There were addresses and signatures as well.

I thought about a story I could write from this experience. A character finding a purse and unraveling a mystery because of the contents in that purse. But I suppose that's already been done.

Regardless, it was definitely the highlight of my week.

(New Radiohead CD comes out..December?!)
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