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Went to visit her. Not there. But he was. One of the brothers. I remembered only one of their names, and wasn't sure whether he was the one. My inquiry was met with that cocky look that said without words, "What does it matter woman? You and I both know what I want from you. What I need."

I hesitated briefly, unsure whether the mistress of the house would object. How open was their relationship? Was he allowed to have female visitors, while she was away? The bench we were on was hers, and I almost felt like trespassing in more ways than one.

He did not let me finish that train of thoughts. All impatient male that he was. He roughly approached me, almost head butting me, showing me just how he wanted to be touched, all over his body, over and over and over again, from head to tail. If he had been female, they would have labeled him a slut. But being male and feline, he could definitely get away with it.
  • Oscar Leigh
  • Kate Sen
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