Self introspection (Or I am taking my self off the dating market)

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After a good long look inside myself, and reflecting upon things
I have decided that no one can have me. Not that it is even a blip
on anyone's radar, but it is time to listen to the voices of reason.

I am working on me, and trying to find better ways to love myself
(in all ways), that I cannot find in trying to find in someone else.
It is just a waste of effort to go looking for something that is all
games and leads to nowhere.

I don't mind being me, being alone at times can be a living
nightmare, but it is better than trying to impress someone
who will never appreciate me the way I would them.

So thanks to all the people that have given me the best advice
on going my own way, and to hell with the whole dating thing.
I am starting to understand who I am, how to enjoy my simple
lifestyle (and the complicated bits), and just have fun knowing
that I am worth fighting for. Yes weird, quirky, bizarre me
is all that I need. Better to be in an honest relationship, than
a pretentious high maintenance one. :p

Thanks again to all that have opened my eyes to a world I never
knew. (I have been more motivated to work on my drumming tech.):p
Getting better a little bit more each time.

Love Ya Friends. :supersmile:
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