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"The Gallows Wife" is in Semaphore Magazine's September issue.

Rosemarie wanted to escape her betrothal to the uncouth Lord Rhoven--but she never expected the consequences of her midnight foray to the gallows square. For one thing, she never expected to fall in love...

(Both "Gallows Wife" and "Reila's Machine" have summaries that end with people falling in love. Go figure. On the one hand, I suppose I'm a creature of habit--but on the other, I never wrote much romance before. I still don't, in the more literal sense. "Gallows Wife" is not your mother's Harlequin.)

Debbie Cowens, in her review of Semaphore's 2009 anthology, calls 'The Gallows Wife": a haunting tale that has a lovely folk tale feel to it. The descriptions are striking and it straddles the line between romantic and creepy with great skill and effect.
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