Several drafts away, but comfortable enough to share- FINALLY!

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Last night after adding "Sabby and Bentley's reunion" to the General Fiction forum, I was in such a groove I managed to iron out a few more kinks in my blog (not this blog :p ).
Of course I have a long way to go in grammar and hammering out the remaining rough edges of character development, but OH WELL! I'm just happy my work makes sense now, haha!

Now all I need to do is get back to work on my plot :rolleyes:
If only my MC's weren't so much more fun to focus on.... Le sigh.
It's actually crossed my mind to create new characters for the plot I've been twirling around in my head, and just make a new plot for the MC's I have now. I love the plot idea I have now, too much to completely trash it. And I love my MC's too much to work on my plot. So maybe separating them is probably the best route. But then... ugh. I have to come up with new characters.
Is this what multiple personailty disorder feels like? It's driving me nuts.
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