Islander Sep 14, 2011
I also think Heinlein is a little creepy that way. He reminds me a lot of current comic book writer Frank Miller, both with the military fetishism and the male chauvinism.

I haven't read Starship Troopers, only seen the film, but from the quote above, one of the problems with the argument is that military service is only one way of taking responsibility. Paying taxes is another way. Heck, just living in a country means you have to suffer the consequences if you elect bad leaders.

If every citizen is forced to do military service, it only means they take specific responsibility for electing a government that goes to war. It doesn't make them take more responsibility for, say, fiscal policy, or labour policy.

I also doubt only the meek and cowards object to military service - some may be courageous pacifists, and others may be violent non-conformists who oppose the government's methods in waging war, their reasons for it, or the targets of the war, and may very well take part in a revolution.