Shadow shopping, part 1

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Outside the world existed only of light, filtering in through the window. There where things in there, making a glare that cut like a knife as they moved closer.

Esther was suddenly wide awake, breathing heavily with half her body on the couch and her head on the floor. Her head was pounding and she felt like blacking out while she lifter herself on the couch. 'I should have opted for the floor,' she groaned.

This wasn't the first time she had woken up like this, she felt strange and disorientated. Why was she in the living room? Her hands felt too hot and the rest of her felt empty. As if something in the dream, she only half remembered now, had taken something away from her.

Breakfast was a bowl of chocolate colored cereal balls with milk. The milk swirled until it was chocolate-milk. Esther sat dreamily on the high chair at the kitchen counter and stirred. Stirred it all into a brown slew and poured it in the toilet, flushing it away.
Not hungry.

She looked up sharply and listened. 'No, I'm really not very hungry,' she said a little testily. 'What is it to you anyway?' There was a silence in which the fridge acted up and then she shrugged. 'I don't care. I really don't.' In the little hallway to the front door stood a tall end table. On it stood a fancy vase with blood red, stiff flowers. Wire curled around their stems and Esther never knew where they came from. One of them shifted slightly to the left, pointing toward the door.

'Why?' she whispered dejectedly. 'If you want to see people, you can turn on the TV.'
She shrunk back a little and raised her hands defensively. 'I know it's not the same, okay?'

She felt a little worried. There was something she had forgotten. Something had been different than last night. But what?

The was a silence in witch something shifted.
With more than a little distrust Esther looked up towards the shadow next to the door. 'Oh, you'll tell me? Right, I am so going to believe that.'
Suddenly the flower-vase cracked and a thin little shard fell lightly on the tabletop.
'You don't have to prove anything to me,' Esther sighed, but inside her heart was racing.
'Alright we'll go, but I don't want to be beaten up today. You'll have to try and look ahead.'
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