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Published by suhailp in the blog suhailp's blog. Views: 84

That shadow
creeps in,
its cunning ways,
slipping through my fingers
My sanity,
seems to fade away,
replaced by shallow fantasies,
twisted and deranged thoughts
that leave you with nothing,
But a bitter taste,
what an utter waste,
I need to take control,
Captain this lost vessel,
but with dark thoughts I wrestle,
Try to fill this hole
with something new,
Sail to uncharted lands,
but i cannot see through
These ominous clouds,
they hinder my view,
Filled with fright
left short of sight,
So confused,
I wish i could choose,
to whome ive given my heart,
but to ponder and muse
is the curse of the smart,
and so I lay here waiting,
My time will come soon.
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