Sharing Insecurities about new WIP...

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To be fair, I don't think I have what it takes to win a Brazzy (Book Razzy). :supergrin:

Joking aside, I have started a side WIP to break up the monotony of
working on a single piece all the time. Right now I have 3760 words
into it, and it seems fast paced with a bit more of a darker tone that I
started with, with my first novel. Though there is no language, but
enough violence so far.
I am having anxiety about sharing it since it was inspired by some
Dune and WH40K lore, and takes on a more Gothic Sci-fi-ish tone,
giving it an...interesting flavor to say the least.
I have discussed a bit of it privately with someone, but I am not sure
how I feel about sharing it more publicly. since it does seem to have
a level of campy/cheesieness to it. (Perhaps I will never be able to
nix that bit from more actiony based stories, IDK)
Also I think it will be less positively received due the MC not being
human, but a secondary is...
Granted overall I know my writing when I try and apply myself in
any measurable fashion is typically subject to the reader's tastes :p

So do I share the beginning chunk, or not?

(IDK why I've become so shy about this now, but I might be going
through something. Or It might be due to lacking confidence in other
things I enjoy, and that fall in confidence is spilling over into other
aspects of my life.) o_O

Thanks for stopping by, and have a good one. :superagree:
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