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Published by Prometheus in the blog Prometheus's blog. Views: 100

Dear God, I need you to explain a few things. Since you are supposedly all knowing and all powerful feel free to comment here. I wouldn’t want to waste your very valuable time by demanding a personal appearance.

1) Cancer: OK, so you are all powerful but have chosen people will die anyways, fine. Heaven, angels, harps, yaddy yada. But, what kind of sadistic freak would come up with cancer?

2) Dogs: Why don’t dogs live as long as people?

3) Hunger: If you could do that thing with the fish and bread, why are so many people on this earth going to bed hungry tonight?

4) Sanction of the Church: One of your churches refused to marry my wife and me because I was a “heathen” but we are still happily married almost two decades later. Yet, that same church married my wife’s brother and his Christian wife and their marriage ended horribly after only a few years. How could this happen?

5) Sex: Why is this supposedly so bad?

6) War: WTF….What The ****. No really, What the ****?

7) Birth Defects: Why are so many innocent babies born with debilitating often fatal illnesses?

8) Torture: Why hasn’t Dick Chaney and those like him not received lightning bolts up their asses?

9) Taxes and tithing: Why are people forced to take care of others? What’s wrong with your voluntary Christian charity? Where is the Free Will your followers love to go on about?

10) Hate: Why do so many people hate others just because they are different from themselves?

11) Alzheimer’s: Why will one of the brightest people I have even known be reduced to wearing diapers soon?
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