Short Article 8 -- Rescue

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A monk took two dogs out for exercise. Suddenly the monk received an
emergency that a traveler got lost in the St. Bernard Pass when the
dogs were playing with each restlessly. A search party was quickly
organized and the monks set out immediately to search for the lost

The dogs led the monks through the snow. The weather was extremely
bad: there had been high winds previous night; then the heavy fog came
around now; and the temperature was 20 degrees centigrade below. After
having searched for few hours, they heard cries and knew that they had
got near. A few minutes later, they found a man was trapped under snow.
After having been dragged out by the dogs, he was taken back to the
monastery on a sledge.

At that time, the man was almost unconscious. Having recovered
later, he told the monks what had happened the previous night.

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