Short Schlock Horror

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I am writing this bent over my laptop, the greenish glow of its LCD lighting my face and giving it a ghoulish effect. There is a noise coming from under the bed, sending chills down my spine. I know that I'm probably just imagining it,'s getting louder. Like the sound of a silkworm munching mulberry leaves, but magnified a hundredfold. I don't want to look. I can't leave the temporary safety of the bed to investigate. It's not like I'm scared or anything, it's probably just a rat, although I've never heard rats make that noise before..........

I've got the pocketknife from my bedside drawer, reached over and grabbed it as silently as I could. The noise stopped briefly when I slid the old wooden drawer open, and my heart leapt in my chest. The thing has resumed its crunching, brown-paper crinkling, nerve destroying activity. I can't take it much more. 7 hours until daylight. Too long.

What am I worried about? A rodent, a tiny harmless creature, tearing away at a discarded envelope no doubt. Am I an old woman? A terrified hysterical 50's stereotype, perched on a stool and wailing? Goddamn it, this is ridiculous. Okay. I'm gonna take a quick look, just a peek. Won't be able to see much, but I am not going to freak myself out like this over a damn rat. Here goes........

It got my hand, my fingers. My right hand. Some kind of animal. A cat, do they get rabies? Those red eyes, those teeth.........I'm typing with my left, the right I've wrapped in the blanket to stop the bleeding. What the hell is going on, I need an ambulance, a tetanus shot, something, an exterminator, a SWAT team.......... Got to get to the phone, to get out of here, away from this terrible thing, oh God is it laughing?! What the hell is that noise.....?!
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