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Short Story Contests and Waiting

Published by teacherayala in the blog teacherayala's blog. Views: 106

I entered two different short stories into contests around March, and I won't find out until October or November. Not that I'm expecting to win, but I would like to see if I earned at least some kind of honorable mention or placing, and it's killing me to wait this long!

I really wish that I could focus on my short story writing and I'm considering taking a course through CrossBridge, which will most likely be cheaper than going through a more traditional route. I just need a jumpstart somewhere, and I can't afford to start a full-on creative writing certificate when I am still working on my Master's degree in Education. (Which is a career necessity at this point.)


One day, I'm going to win a short story contest somewhere and then I'm going to win another one, and then I'm going to have something to put on my SASE. One day.
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