Short Story

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I'd started a little sci-fi, X-Files kind of story a few months back with hopes of submitting it to a sci-fi fiction magazine. I stopped once I found that most of the ones I was looking at weren't accepting submissions for a while. But I decided I might as well write last night and I wrote 2,000 words in a good 30-40 minutes and finished it. It's pretty rough, but I think it might have some potential. I didn't think of it as an individual project but more like a break from my novel and it all just fell into place. My plan now is to do some editing in my spare time and possibly post it up here for some opinions before looking into possible publishers, if I decide its good enough.

In case anyone actually does read this, do you know of any (hopefully paying) fiction magazines that would accept sci-fi/action stories? I've been browsing, but haven't found all that much. Thanks!
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