Sights of Exzalia

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What does Exzalia look like? Some parts look like earth, many parts look nothing like anything you have seen! the eather carves out strange landscapes. Large pillars of rock coming in all sorts of shapes are a common feature on Exzalia. They jut out of the ground, some making mile long loops in the sky. Others hover far above the clouds, whole continents a drift. Some landscapes aren't land at all, like the mountain forests of Lore are rumoured to actually be on the back of a giant tortuous named Gaia.

Other lands have massive eather spasms in them making strange anomalies like no solid land for miles, glass oceans, or natural land bridges so high and so long, it would take a life time to cross.

There is an infinite amount of land scapes on Exzalia, and the world always spawns more. An example of one is this.

North of Tesra lay the Telbron swamps, an influx of water eather means these lands see continual rain. It never stops raining here, even when the sun manages to poke its head out behind the blanket of clouds it is always raining. No humans live here and there are little plants, the soil is to water logged for that. Instead this land scape is a maze of mud and mountain, overflowing rivers that carve huge canyons and valleys of rock and water. The air is cool and unreasonably moist; lakes dot the land. The Telborn swamps suck up the water like a sponge so even though it always rain here, the land never gets flooded it simply gets muddy.
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