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Love is simple there is no calculating and analyzing it, it is what it is, true, unconditional and eternal. Love is the fabric of the spirit, a network of strings that form simplicity. Love is so powerful and magnetic that it pulls whatever you want to your feet. Power that can be pulled from the universe can bring whole galaxies into your hands.
If this energy is pure love this energy will take you anywhere you want to go, this energy leads everyone back to what they really wanted out of this life, immaculate health, financial freedom, happiness and bliss, inner peace, and spiritually enlightenment. We all crave for it but don’t know where to find it. We look outwards into the cosmos, into oblivion, when the answers lay inside us. Everyone will have the same conclusion we are all looking for it and for a certain time where the body cannot explain it tells you those things are not real.
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