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Sitting here yet again, this nightly respite for the dissolute,
where one stares at the bare walls,
trying to think of nothing;
and clear the mind of knowing;
of those hollow dreams that fade away into the silence of the night.
What am I still doing here, awake at such a late hour?
Thinking away these lowly nights in wakeful slumber,
my thoughts seem to come alive in the silver glow of the emanating moonlight,
in the flickering of those enchanting eyes that caste their light down below,
traveling across the deep emptiness to be here with me,
and witness with me
the stillness of this moment;
which engulfs me,
submerging and unfurling into the darkness.
Quiet whisperings outside the window;
cascading ripples of life in the motionless room.
In this place of nothingness,
to be slowly consumed by madness.

The somber bleakness take me away again,
this life of apathy and agony,
forever calling to me,
in this place I lay my weary head to rest.
Here alone is where I shed those tears,
for those memories not yet forgotten;
bitter nightmares accumulated and reincarnated between these few cubic centimeters,
torturous thoughts flicker through my mind once again.

Tomorrow comes, and the day will begin anew for most,
yet here I will still lay in that secret realm,
until I rise once again in the darkness.
The day disappear's into the fading sun that burns so brightly,
absconding so fleetingly into lustrous silver pearls woven into a black shimmering silk.
And whilst I now know all that has passed before its eternal gaze,
beyond our inevitable demise and into that deep empty stretch of time that follows;
still i remain inundated with haunting memories,
dissipated moments, undulating here,
attenuated by these four cornered walls,
my sanity crumbling beneath this veil of conceit;
forever living in the darkness,
submerging into the quiet stillness;
slowly consuming me,
wholly confusing me,
why can't I just simply be?

So I lay here yet again,
wondering, pondering my fate,
what fortune may come of the rising of sun,
and falling of the stars from the heavens above.
Sweet relief for this anguished heart,
please come and bring me eternal respite,
from the harrowing bitterness of reality,
quietus from crippling loneliness,
and release from this mind-numbing apathy.
An end to the quietness that doth cosume me.
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