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Since I have been stuck, I have been looking at something old and kinda tweaking/editing.

Published by Cave Troll in the blog Cave Troll's blog. Views: 164

I have been stuck for a while now on what to do at the current point
in my WIP, beyond doing a bit of editing and re-reading it. You know
all the fun things.

But after doing a rev for someone (they are not on here), I went into
the dusty files of yester-year and found this mess of giggles and have
been kinda trying to clean it up a bit.

Not sure if it is worth it or not, but hey it is kinda fun to look at where
I have been and where I come. If you happen to find it funny, cringy,
or worth salvaging let me know. I am on the fence, and it is the first
thing I have ever written at 17. Wow time flies when I look in the mirror
and go: Shit, I am thirty and I didn't see it coming. :p

Anywho, if you care (or dare) to look at a moldy oldy, cool.
Never realized I was so detail heavy back then. Times change
and so does style. :D

Chapter I

I had been having one hell of a day. First thing when I walked into Mr. Whitman’s English class, and bam! Pop quiz first thing in the morning. Man did that suck ass. Not to mention that I was still very tired from the night before doing the mother load of home work. Most of the time day-dreaming about that cute guy from my biology class. Just as I had the night before I was caught in my own world thinking about him and what I would like to do to him, and what I would want him to do to me. I would certainly give him all access to my lovely, and not to mention extremely perky breast, topping out at 32Cs. The thought of him suckling my silver dollar nipples made me ever more aroused. Then my kinky thoughts were interrupted by Mr. Whitman. He said," Monica times up, so would you please hand me your quiz?" As he said this his eyes never left my breasts with there ever hardening nipples. I became flushed and with him for ruining my fantasy and for staring at my boobs.

Finally biology and the end of the day. Lets not forget about the cute guy. As soon as I saw him when I walked in it became apparent to everyone there that I was becoming very aroused. Then I decided I had to meet this hunk and if possible see his hidden talents. So with out a second thought I walked over to him at the other end of the room, trying to roll my shapely hips with each step. I started to notice that now I was becoming very damp in my thong. I put my hand on his shoulder which was firm. Once I got his attention I said," Hi, my name is Monica." To which he replied ,"Jack, and by the look of things there is more that you would like to say." My god! I was loving the way he looked at me. I nodded and as I did my body shivered with excitement. I regained a measure of composure and asked him rather sleazily," Do you want me?" At this I could plainly see that he was aroused at this and the ever growing bulge in his pants. I thought damn if he gets any more aroused his pants will pop. He then said to me as he studied my beautiful figure," Yes, I do want you! Will you go out with me?" At this I grabbed his head and held it firmly between my breasts. He looked up at my sexy smiling face and I nodded in response to his question.

I met him after class and asked if he was busy to night. To my disbelief he was free for the entire weekend. So at this I asked him," Want to come with me back to my house for something you will never forget?"

Chapter II

He nodded and we went to the parking lot and hopped into my car. I became more aroused with each passing mile to my house. Luckily it was not that long a drive. I pulled in next to my dad's Porsche. Stepping through the threshold of the front door, I saw my father sitting in his favorite chair reading a magazine. Going over to him, I kissed him on the cheek and said," Hi daddy, this is Jack and he will be staying for the weekend. That is of course if it is alright with you?" He nodded in approval, his eyes never leaving the article that he was reading.

I grabbed Jack by the hand, leading him to the door to the basement. On the way down the stairs to my room I said," You are going to enjoy this weekend. I can promise you that, I know I sure as hell will." At the foot of the stairs Jack's eyes just about popped out of his head. I suppose my room would shock most people. Probably because I have a wide variety of fetish wear, a dentist chair with straps, an operating table that also has straps, the widest variety of medical instruments and supplies, not to mention a whipping post, and the widest variety of whips and paddles.

I also have the usual queen size bed, dresser, closet, and nightstand with a phone on it. I also had a bathroom with a Jacuzzi style tub. Jack walked around my rather large domain, looking at everything with awe. He stopped at the operating table, probably fantasizing about fucking me into a wild frenzy while I am all strapped in. I called my friend Tracy seeing if she too was free for the weekend to come over. She is my girlfriend, and I must say that Tracy is gorgeous.

As soon as Tracy got down stairs I gave her a very sensual kiss, grabbing her breast and squeezing her beautiful round ass. Again Jack's eyes bugged out of his head at this. I told him that Tracy and I were madly in love since we had known each other in grade school. He had noticed that Tracy and I were both about the same build. I told her that I was dating Jack as of to day and she knew that she was more than welcome to him as well.

I kissed Jack sleazily noticing how aroused he was becoming. Not to mention how wet Tracy was getting. Her scent was very strong and sent a shiver up my spine on catching it. I pulled Tracy to me and asked her where we should start with our newly acquired slave. She thought it would be good to get him nice and comfortable before a good flogging.

Telling Jack to go in to the bathroom and take every thing off except for his underwear. While he was disrobing, Tracy and I were busy putting on corselettes. I chose a black rubber one with crimson trim, and a pair of black rubber thigh high boots. Tracy had chosen a red leather one with black trim, elbow length red gloves, and black nylons and red opened toe high heels. I had to admit that we were quite the pair.

Chapter III

A soon as Jack stepped out of the bathroom, his jaw hit the floor.

We were a sight in our corselettes with removable crotches, and other attire. His little soldier was starting to stand at attention. We each took an arm and led him to the bed and laid him down between us.

We then proceeded to run our hands up and down his abdomen. Stopping at his nipples to tease them and lick them. Then we left him on the bed. Standing before him, Tracy began to remove the crotch on my corselette, letting her hand slip past my clean-shaven woman hood. I then undid her crotch and began rubbing her clit for a moment. She moaned with satisfaction. Then she straddled his face, while still facing me. I straddled his midsection and leaned over to take his member in my hands and began stroking it slowly. Turning my body, I then lifted myself so that my swollen vagina was right in Tracy's face. She reached out to spread my lushes round buttocks and began lapping my juices starting at the inner thigh, working her way up. At this I let out a soft moan, taking Jack's member in my mouth. This went on for a while before moving on. I took special care not to let him have release.

Without warning Tracy and I each took an arm. Then lead him to the whipping post. Once there we proceeded to bind him to it. Then I slowly took off his underwear. Standing there looking at our now bound captive, I let my hand slip between the lovely petals of her flower and gave her another sensual kiss. Jack was slightly shaken at being bound, but still very much aroused. Taking Tracy by the waist we walked along the wall looking for a suitable paddle and whip to use. I settled for a leather studded paddle, and Tracy picked out a riding crop with 6 inch leather tassels at the end. We went back over to our bound slave. Tracy said naughtily," You have been a naughty boy and now we shall teach you some respect." I stepped behind him taking firm strokes across his backside for about 5 minutes. While I was paddling his bottom Tracy stood before him striking across his breast and penis. He winced at every stroke. Then we put the whip and paddle back. We went back to our slave and began stroking him in front and behind and kissing him lightly on his back, chest, and neck. After a few moments of levity Tracy and I decided to use clamps on him. We placed the clamps on his nipples, lips, penis, and scrotum. Thus having done this, we began to add weights to the clamps. He gasped and winced at the burden we were putting him through. I told Tracy that we should not overdue the weights. I must say Jack could handle a lot of strain on his body. We had him up to about 1 pound in an hour before stopping this torment.

After removing him from his bonds, we placed him on the bed. Then Tracy began to sensually remove my corselet after replacing the crotch. Once it was removed she took a breast in each hand and started suckling on each nipple in turn. I undid hers and did the same in return. After removing the rest of our attire and put them back in their respected places. I picked up his boxers and then we all climbed in to my bed. Tracy and I drifted of to sleep rhapsodizing about what we were to do to our slave tomorrow. Jack to drifted off in his own fantasy realm wondering what these two sexy dominas had in store for him when he awoke.

Chapter IV

I arose early the next morning. I got Tracy to rise quietly, whilst I fetched some straps to restrain Jack to the bed with until later in the morning. After we had finished binding him to the bed we went up stairs for breakfast. My father had left for work earlier this morning, but had left Tracy and I some money to go out for some thing nice for breakfast. With that Tracy and I got dressed and went out to my classic '72 'Cuda. We drove to a nice country style restaurant a few miles from my home.

Once we were inside the eatery and seated I asked Tracy," What shall we do with our slave today?" She looked deeply, and lust filled at me saying with an evil glint in her beautiful hazel eyes," I think we should do an oral evaluation, but that should be this afternoon. Why what would you like to do you naughty vixen!", she added with an evil giggle. Both of us unaware that the waitress was waiting to take our orders. On first glance she looked like she was going to be sick. We ordered and continued on with our conversation of female dominance. " Tracy you really know how to perk me up. I know that I was not to be displeased in having daddy get me that custom dental chair, with straps on it. I know how much you have a dental fetish. Remember the time in 6th grade you pulled that one guys tooth out?" Tracy replied," Yeah, I do as a matter of fact. I think that is the first time I actually realized that I love being a Sadist." I said," That and you look very sexy in the deep crimson scrubs I got for you. They really compliment your bronze skin, and makes you look all the more enticing, and not to mention that it really turns me on to see you in that attire. Hell just thinking back to the other times I have seen you like that with your hair in a pony tail, and your mask hanging around your neck. The way your pianist fingers look so sexy as you slide them into the gloves, and that evil little gleam in your eyes that goes with that smile. It just makes me love you all the more." Tracy thanked me for the compliment. The waitress that had returned with our order had a look of shock, and a little fear in her eyes. We just smiled and thanked her.

As we ate I suggested that we make him our dog for the morning. Tracy liked that idea a lot. After we finished eating we paid the tab and left a generous tip. Then we drove back home, back to our awaiting slave.

Once Tracy and I were back down in our dungeon, our slave bound to my bed. Jack was a bit startled to be bound to my bed. I must admit he did have a look of confusion as well as fear. Tracy and I went over to my dresser and fetched a leather collar, leash, and doggy bowl. We walked back over to him after setting the bowl on the floor. We then released him from his bonds and placed the collar around his neck. The collar was followed by the leash. Tracy and I forced him to then walk on all 4's like a dog.

Chapter VI

We made him fetch, roll over, even put on a show for us. To our amazement he did quite well. Then he became thirsty so Tracy and I in turn relieved our bladders in to the bowl. He lapped all of it up with gratitude. We then filled the bowl again, but with dry dog food. As he ate Tracy and I went into the bathroom to bathe ourselves as well as admire each others beauty in body and mind.

On completing our cleansing we told Jack that he may remove the collar, and had him put the collar, leash, and bowl back in the dresser. Then Tracy and I walked over to my fetish wardrobe, taking down two sets of scrubs from their hangers. I said," Slave go in to the bathroom and put your clothes on, and wait for us to come and get you when we are ready for you." He complied with my requests, to my amazement. Meanwhile Tracy and I went to my dresser after laying the scrubs on the bed. We selected very sexy thongs and equally alluring bras from my collection. For a few moments after donning the undergarments we held each other and fondled one another thinking about what was to be done to our slave now. After the rather sensual moment we put the scrubs on. I preferred the sea-foam green, because they accented my milky white skin. Tracy on the other hand put on the deep crimson set. As I mentioned earlier she looked like a goddess. Tracy's bronze skin was complimented by the deep crimson scrubs. I swear every time I see her in them it elevates my sexual desire for her on a phenomenal scale. I went to her and kissed her with all my passion, desire, and lust for her. Tracy returned my feelings for her with a kiss of the same magnitude. She ended it with a good squeeze of my beautiful backside.

Tracy and I went to the modified dental chair. Setting mobile stools at the head, placing picks and other instruments on the tray. We also set out a pair of gloves for each of us. Then returning to my fetish wardrobe found the two cotton surgical masks, which we each tide at the neck and let them hang loosely there. They hung nicely, and felt nice on our cleavage as the scrubs were V-necked. And as always Tracy had that evil smile and gleam of mischief in her hazel eyes.

With that I suggested we invite our slave back to our fantasy realm. I also suggested to Tracy on the way that since Monday was a holiday that I would like her to stay and play with me once our slave is released from us. Tracy thought that would be a novel idea. I knocked on the bathroom door and said enticingly," We are ready for you now." At hearing this he slowly opened the door to find his two demure tormentresses dressed in scrubs. I swear his jaw dropped and his eyes bulged out of his head. As I stated earlier Tracy and I are quite the pair.

Tracy said," Pick up your jaw and put your eyes back in your head! I know that we are both very beautiful, but it is very rude to ogle us that way!" She said it bluntly and with authority. We led him over to the modified dental chair, and Jack's face had a look of horror. Tracy in her authoritative voice said," Please have a seat, so that we can begin your oral evaluation. I hope that you will not give us any trouble, we would not want any trouble would we?" Jack shook his head in compliance to her question. He also complied to her request, and took his place on the chair as instructed. Then Tracy said," Nurse Monica please secure the patient."

To which I replied with a devious smile," You got it doc Tracy!" She returned the smile with a wink. I strapped Jack in firmly to the chair. I then went to her as she had seated herself on one of the mobile stools. I began to tie up her mask just above her ponytail. Before taking my place on the other stool I kissed her on the neck. Once I was seated and had tied up my own mask, I had been busily maneuvering the dental lamp. While Tracy slid her sexy, slender hands in to a pair of exam gloves. I too was now donning the other pair of gloves, still holding a devious smile behind my mask.

Tracy and I both positioned ourselves on either side of the head of the chair. I slowly reclined the chair and raised it to about breast height. Even though his head was strapped down it did make it more than easy to look either way and see our bountiful endowment. Tracy said to me," Nurse please begin with a cleaning. This will further our knowledge of what we shall need to do to insure our slave's oral health." Then to Jack she said," Your eyes wander to often my eyes are here and my breasts are here," showing him the difference with her lovely gloved hands. I slipped a tissue bib around his neck. After I finished placing the bib around his neck, Tracy got off her stool and straddled him just above the crotch. Then she said," So you like to stare do you?! Well you better enjoy it while it lasts slave!" She said this rather strictly, but with naughty glint in her eye. Tracy then began to slowly and lightly grind his abdomen. She also began to rub his chest with her gloved hands. I on the other hand had taken the opportunity while they were busy to slip a small clitoral vibrator inside my thong. Then I proceeded to clean his teeth. During the procedure Tracy got off of him and also slipped a clitoral vibrator in her thong, then she returned to her stool. I pointed out to her that he needed to have his wisdom teeth pulled along with a couple of fillings, and a root canal.

Tracy said," That just sounds great!" Then she added," For us. For you slave you will begin to know the meaning of pain. We will try to be gentle, but we can make you no guarantees." Since it would take a few minutes for Tracy to choose her favorite drill carbide, canal file, and forceps. While she was busy with that, I took the vibrator out of my thong and grabbed a second pair of gloves for both of us. I then pulled my scrub pants and thong down after placing a stool on either side of the chair. Next I lowered my bare back side on to his face, which he proceeded to lap up my fragrant juices. I was massaging my clitoris and breasts. Tracy put down the instruments and undid her mask letting it fall across her beautiful bosoms. She then pulled out his swollen penis and began stroking it. Next she removed her scrub top and bra. Taking his member in hand began to squeeze it between her voluptuous breasts. Yet again he was denied release. After I came, we went back to being his sadistic dentists.

Before we began these more complex procedures, I went over to my rooms stereo system and put on some music. I turned it way up. Remote in hand I went back over to Tracy who was now ready to begin. I helped her in to her gloves and redid her mask. I too donned a fresh pair of gloves and retied my mask. I then pulled the tray with the menacing looking instruments over our slave’s chest so that he may see the devious apparatus that Tracy had chosen. He had a look of pure horror on his face. I grabbed a White Head gag and placed it between his upper and lower incisors. As I did this I said," Try and relax. Enjoy the music it helps to keep your mind off the pain. If it is any consolation to you think about the good things that Tracy and I will do to you if you are a good patient." I ended with a wink, and finished ratcheting the gag to keep his mouth open at such a vulnerable width. Tracy then leaned over to him, her arousal was very apparent, and she kissed him on the forehead through her mask. Stroking his cheek for a moment and said," I think that we will aid in a speedy recovery for you that I am sure you will enjoy. I will apologize ahead of time for the discomfort that you are to experience. Good luck." While she said this I positioned the light over his awaiting mouth. Tracy said," Forceps", in a very professional tone with a hint of excitement. I handed her them, and stroked our slaves cheeks to aid in his comfort. Tracy slowly slipped the forceps into his gaping mouth, his eyes agape as he watched them disappear in to his mouth. She then firmly got a hold of the left bottom wisdom tooth and began to pull. Jack gasped, then screamed in agony. I knew it was a good idea to play some loud music. Tracy was busy wrenching out his poor tooth, and at the same time grinding her luscious flower into the stool. Her breath measured as she worked. After about five minutes she had the tooth out. Quickly I grabbed a cotton gauze and placed it were the tooth was. We both congratulated him, telling him that he was doing well and to think about tonight. The kinky things that we were to do to him. Tracy moved to the remaining lower wisdom tooth, and once again the wrenching followed by another agonizing scream from our slave. Again I filled the hole with another gauze. We spent another half an hour getting the top two.

Once we had finished with that I said to Tracy," Lets take our tops off, that way he can bask in our beauty as we always do." We removed our scrub tops and bras. Tracy and I became very aroused at the sight of each others breasts. Jack was starting to become aroused as he beheld our beautiful bosoms through his winces of pain. Fetching another couple pairs of gloves, I slipped a pair on to Tracy's slender, and sexy hands. After they were firmly on her hands she took each of my breasts in turn, and she gave each a good squeeze followed by a quick pinch to the nipples. I moaned with pleasure on these actions that were most erotic. As soon as I had my hands inside the remaining pair of gloves, I returned the gesture. Back to business, I handed Tracy the drill. Again slowly, and menacingly she lowered it into his gaping mouth. I changed the CD to something lighter. Tracy on the other hand was busy with our slave’s root canal. About twelve minutes later she had finished drilling our poor slaves tooth. I took the drill from her and handed her the file. She set to work filing down the area that was opened during the drilling. She made sure to scrape all of the dead nerve out. Jack was doing quite well, he only whimpered a little as the drilling was in progress. Other than that only grimaces washed across his face. Finally the filling was to end our session. I handed Tracy the drill once again and she began to drill deeply and firmly on the affected tooth. Twenty minutes or so and she had finished. We again comforted him and promised him his torment was near its end. Just a few more minutes and we had his filling done. I removed his gag and gave him four Codines to ease his agonizing pain. Leaving him strapped to the dental chair I stood at his side and leant down and kissed him with lust and desire. I then went to clean up. Tracy too kissed him, her hand slid down his beautifully sculpted body and gave his erect penis a good squeeze and said," Well done. Now give us some time to clean up and receive your reward for being so strong and good in our care." With that said she too joined me in cleaning up. Placing our scrubs in the dirty clothes hamper, we put our regular clothes back on.

Releasing Jack from his bonds, we helped him up to the kitchen. When we entered father was sitting at the table eating steak. Tracy and I prepared plates for ourselves after we set our slave at the other end of the table facing my father. Once we were done filling our plates and placing them on the left side of the table, we got Jack a large glass of V8. I said," You better drink up. You will need your strength for the rest of tonight." Father looked up from his steak at Jack. He asked him," How you doing? I hope that you are enjoying your stay." Since our slave’s mouth was swollen from earlier he managed an "ok" rather weakly. I said," Daddy, he is a very nice young man. He is also very good at withstanding great amounts of pain for long periods of time. But I am afraid that he will not be doing much speaking for about a week." Father just looked at Tracy and I and smiled, and the smile became a grin, the grin a chuckle, the chuckle a full-fledged roar of laughter. Once father caught his breath and a straight face he said," Now Monica, what did I tell you and Tracy about tormenting boys? I must say that was a stroke of brilliance getting that equipment for you two. I guess it paid off allowing you girls to act out your fantasies. I just hope you do not plan on killing any body," he said teasingly. He then added," My boy you should feel privileged to be enslaved by these to fine young ladies. They really do like you, you know. Why else do you think they would torment you so. They just want to know what you can handle. Either of them can stand great torment and they beg for more. So I hope that you will enjoy your time with my daughter and her friend. They are the most attractive sadomasochists I have ever seen."

Tracy and I gave daddy a barrage of evil giggles. We thanked father for his compliments. We were almost done eating when Jack managed to get us to comprehend him, and get him another glass of V8. "Thirsty are we. Well I hope you are feeling better", I said as I got him another.

Chapter VII

Once our slave had finished his juice we took him back down to our torture chamber. I made the assumption that his mind was now swimming with all kinds of thoughts and fears of what Tracy and I had in store for him. We laid him on the bed, and slowly, very sensually began undressing him. Teasing his nipples with our hands and tongues. Engulfing his rapidly engorging penis with light strokes and teasing slaps. When we had finished this we began to undress one another. Slowly removing each others shirts, followed by our bras. Remaining topless, our large breast bared for all to see. Tracy and I began to fondle one another’s breasts and kissing passionately. We then took turns suckling and kissing each others bosoms. Then with one fluid motion I removed Tracy's pants and thong, baring all her natural beauty for Jack and myself to behold. Tracy did the same to me, stopping at my glistening flower. She parted the now flushed, tender petals and found my feminine bud. Then she began rubbing, licking, and sucking on it. My moans were pronounced and full of lust for more. After a few moments of this, I followed and did the same. We went to our slave his member now fully engorged and ready for some solace. Tracy got a condom out of my nightstand and mounted him after putting it on his erection. I went and placed my lushes loins in his face. Facing Tracy, we began to indulge in each others lust for one another. Groping and kissing deeply, as she rode him, and as I ground myself further onto his tactile tongue. This sex fest lasted for a few hours. Tracy and I switching back and forth form his face and organ.

Finally we allowed him the release he yearned for. His orgasm was intense knocking Tracy and I to either side of him. We sensually caressed him until he fell asleep. Then we indulged in our own devious frenzy. About an hour later, and a few orgasms, we too fell asleep in each others embrace. Again our dreams tormented us on what we had in store for slave tomorrow.

Chapter VIII

We rose early and went up stairs for breakfast. Grabbing something easy we also got Jack a glass of V8. On returning back to our dungeon we found our slave stirring. When Tracy and I saw the way he tested his bonds we giggled to ourselves. After getting to him, we released Jack from his bonds and gave him the juice. As he drank I asked," So how is our patient feeling this beautiful morning?" We both flashed him naughty grins. Once he had finished his juice, he went to the bathroom. On his way Tracy grabbed my cotton exam gown and said," Better not forget to dress up for this special occasion", sending him a reassuring wink. I stopped him to give him some more codine for the pain.

While he was in the bathroom getting ready, Tracy and I picked out matching nurses outfits. We looked professional as well as alluring. Leaving most of the top buttons undone as to show off our natural beauty. I looked at Tracy and gave her a kiss and said," You look really good baby", she said," You look pretty hott yourself." With that she returned my kiss.

Shortly after our slave came out of the bathroom. Again his eyes as well as his member bulged, and his mouth agape. Tracy looked at him and said," Hey are you gonna enjoy yourself, or are you gonna gawk at us? You would think that you would have seen a pair of attractive nurses before." I went over to the exam table and motioned him over. Tracy led him over. I asked him to have seat. As he did, we began to take his vitals and check him out in a very professional manner. Taking note of every thing we were doing. On completing this I grabbed a pair of exam gloves and a tube of Surgi-lube. I then I asked Tracy to help our slave into the stirrups and to grab a pair of gloves herself. We were now ready to begin a thorough rectal exam. I told Jack this and he winced a little. At this I asked Tracy to restrain his legs to keep him for moving to much. I said to him," This is necessary, and you may enjoy it." I then proceeded to lubricate my first two fingers liberally. Next I told our slave to expect a slight coldness on his anus. He took a sharp breath at my touch. " Just try and relax for us please," I said to him. Tracy was busily teasing his lips and nipples while trying to maintain her overwhelming desire to pleasure herself. I slowly entered his anus after massaging it until he was used to my presence there. Once I had found his prostate he moaned softly, while his manhood became erect. This had seized Tracy's attention, because she then encased his scrotum and penis in her lovely gloved hands. I continued to massage his G-spot and, Tracy his manhood. Our slave could not resist our pleasurable touch in the least. He appeared very content about the whole procedure. We noticed the more we pleasured him the louder he moaned. The strain on Tracy and myself to refrain from pleasuring ourselves was to much to bear. Tracy removed her hand from his sack and fetched a pair of rolling stools from behind her. She slid me one and took the other. I slid my free hand up her thigh toward her flower. She did the same to me. On making contact with each others sex we began a mutual pleasuring while keeping our slave content. Shortly after we began our fiasco, Jack gave a mighty groan, sperm spurting from him. I removed my fingers from his hole, following the glove. Pulling Tracy closer to me I noticed the smile of satisfaction on our slaves face. Tracy now beside me, I turned to her. Undoing her uniform buttons to expose her luscious breasts, and taking one in my bare hand to massage and tease her nipple. We were both very close to letting our pleasure blossom. Our breath measured, with intervals of soft moans. At the point of blossoming I removed my hand from her bosom and pulled Tracy in for a long lust filled kiss. The air in the room was very erotic, and smelled of our sweet smelling nectars.

After cleaning our slave, we undressed and took a shower. Then we dressed and Jack did as well once he had regained the strength and consciousness to do so. Next we took him up stairs. Tracy and I wanted to see what was on television and to feed us. We also made our slave some beef broth soup, as his mouth was still a bit tender. Once we had the food prepared we all sat on the couch. I turned the TV on to find something interesting to watch. Finally I found something that piqued my interest. It was about minor surgeries, and new methods in dental work. Tracy I noticed was becoming aroused, as was I. I turned to Jack and said," I hope you are enjoying yourself. I know we are. Apologies for your pain, but I hope we have made it bearable."

Chapter IX

A few hours later and some very interesting acquired knowledge, we escorted Jack back down into my dungeon. We sent him to take a shower. While he was in there, we both donned surgical gowns that we had modified. They were modified with removable breast coverings and the front side of the gown at the waist was also removable. Next we donned surgical caps, as well as masks that matched the color of the gowns. With our masks hanging loosely around our necks, I looked longingly into Tracy's beautiful hazel eyes. Wondering what else we can do to our slave. Taking her in my arms we held each other, and talked about what we were going to do to each other once we released our slave. We had a few laughs and some rather naughty ideas to explore. Still holding her we exchanged kisses until we heard the water cease. That cued us to begin setting up for our next session of pain and pleasure. I began by finding some of my more fearsome looking instruments, as well as my piercing supplies. The instruments were for a shocking effect though. I covered the trays with small drapes, I then placed them on the top shelf of the trolley. Tracy was busily fetching the surgical gloves and laying a paper sheet on the exam table. Just as before our slave exited the bathroom with a dazed and aroused expression on his face. Tracy and I just smiled pleasantly at him and motioned him to get on the table. He did after removing his clothing. As he did this we began to tie up our masks. Next we proceeded in strapping him in. I then brought the trolley in to his view. I watched his reaction as I pulled the drape very slowly from covering the instruments I had chosen. His face became more shocked as I revealed them. Each was much more intimidating than the last. As Tracy and I began donning the gloves, he began to protest. Tracy went beside him and said in a soothing voice," We know this is going to be very painful, but it must be done. So please be a big boy and bear with us." Having said that he was going mad with shock, just as I had anticipated.

We then began giggling teasingly at him, and undid our masks to hang down across our bosoms. I said," Just kidding", as I replaced the drape I added," Or are we?" With a wicked grin I pulled the second drape away to display the second trays contents. He began to feel at ease that we were not going to do anything too extreme to him. I was guessing by his expression that he was looking forward to a few piercings. Tracy and I proceeded to ask what he would like done first.

By the time we had finished with his requests it was dinner time. Jack seemed able to handle more solid foods. We had decided to take him out for pizza as a bit of a celebration. Tracy and I led him to my Cuda and made him sit in back. On the way he said he was grateful for all that Tracy and I had done with him. When we arrived at our destination we entered and found a nice booth by a window. We took one side and he the other. I took her hand in mine and thanked her for participating. Then I looked over at our attractive slave knowing that he had to be home early tomorrow I said," Do you have any last requests for your mistresses before we take you home." The waiter had been there the whole time and we were oblivious to his presence. When he asked us what we would like Tracy caught him staring at her and I. She said," Has anyone told you that we are here to eat not be fantasized about." He then became more intent on fulfilling our order instead of just admiring our beauty. "Honestly there is more to women than just their bodies, you know," I added with a smile and wink. We placed our order and began listening to what Jack's last wish of us was. His request of us was that we dress up as dominas and push his limits sexually later in the evening. He also asked us if we would take him home to meet his family dressed in our white nurses uniforms. Tracy and I agreed to our slave’s requests. As soon as our order arrived we ate in silence thinking of the future events to unfold. A while later when we finished we paid the check, and tip. Tracy suggested we leave the waiter my number and an invite to see what we meant.

We left and arrived back to my house. Heading down to my domain, my father was walking to the living room to watch the news. Tracy and I stopped him and gave him a kiss on each cheek and bid him good night, he too bid us good night. With a smile he continued on his course to the living room. Upon entering my Bastille, I asked jack to put a pair of long rubber gloves on for us, and to undress as well. I knew Tracy would be pleased with this because we both had a strong fetish for rubber. As we were selecting something suitable I noticed he had found my black exam gloves that were not too long but not too short. I smiled at his choice. I suggested to Tracy that we wear matching transparent black dresses of short length. She suggested that we also wear black nylons with garter belts. I thought that this was an excellent choice of attire. We then looked at each other and at the same time said," We should wear black exam gloves with him." Finding our clothing, we had Jack wait for us on the bed. On our way to the bathroom I grabbed two pairs of the black exam gloves. When we were alone in the privacy of the bathroom, we disrobed down to our birthday suits. Noticing some stubble around our pubic regions we shaved one another, to be smooth and slick. The air slowly filling with the smell of our fragrant nectars as we were ready to put on our rubber garments following the garter belts and nylons. For a finishing touch before the gloves went on we put our hair up in pigtails. Satisfied with our demure look we entered my palace of pleasure.

Our slave looked most enticing in his nudity and gloved hands. Such nimble and agile hands he has. We walked slowly, yet very sensually towards him. Rolling our hips in a provocative manner. Our sweet smelling flowers slowly engulfing his nose, his manhood rising to the occasion. He looked at us and smiled with excitement in his eyes. We too were smiling naughtily as we came closer to him. He laid down as I fetched a condom from the night stand. Rubber grasped in one hand the other around his swelling of pride and glory, I ran my tongue around it for a moment before slipping the condom on. Tracy was at his head slowly lowing her blood gorged glory hole on to his face. Droplets of her flowing fruit of passion dripped on his face. She was facing me so he put his arms around her thighs pulling her closer, pressing her slit firmly against his inviting lips, and more importantly his probing tongue. Her moans exciting the lust in my own loins longing to be satisfied. I Lowered myself on to his awaiting gland. The fantastic feeling of him entering my flower, every centimeter felt so strong and pleasurable. I moaned as I descended on his manhood. Tracy and I had ascended in to our lust for one another as we exposed one anothers beautiful breasts. As we ground in to him faint moans escaped our slaves's lips. I was enjoying the feel of his throbbing member inside of me as much as kissing and caressing Tracy's voluptuous breasts. She too enjoyed his tongue and my affectionate touches. I would have to say that our slave has the stamina to go the distance. A few hours later I heard Jack give his mighty groan of satisfaction through Tracy's flower. We too were close to blossoming. Tracy just before I. When we blossomed we let him know with a loud moanish screams of ecstasy. Having removed myself and his condom, we had him lay eagle spread. Tracy on the right and I the left hand. He was rather gifted with his rubber encased hands. Tracy wet her right hand with her nectar and inserted her first two fingers inside his rectum, stimulating his prostate. I deftly with my left had began stroking his manhood softly. Teasing and tugging on the skin on the tip. The air was very thick with Tracy and my juices. We were all feeling very close to releasing more of our fluids. Jack had another gushing orgasm, and we both blossomed powerfully.

We cleaned him off with a warm wet sponges, and we fell asleep with our flowers invaded by his hands, and he with our hands on his chest and member. Drifting off to our own fantasy realms that we had frequently visited each night, in hopes of a new pleasure that would come in the future.
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