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Writing is either a sincere attempt or based in sincerity. Writing should come from some place genuine, or else what is the use of writing?

It seems these are times when people crave sincerity. Sincerity in art, cinema, and life. Where the implausible becomes rebuked and hated and the deception of false intentions more and more evident. Try and write a love novel superficially and be torn apart, because while true love is a mystery to many, they know fake love when they see it. They won't appreciate it.

Writing can be casual, but there are those who see it as an arrow with the bow drawn back and aimed at your heart- sharpened for years- with the intent to penetrate or strike through to the deeper part of you. Beyond the surface where words touch you momentarily then fall away, they seek to stay with you forever.

Sincerity, real freedom, and adventure are life's true treasures and so are those things that represent them.
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