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Sinners and Saints

Published by mugen shiyo in the blog mugen shiyo's blog. Views: 126

So I called someone a saint today in the only way I ever call someone a saint...dripping with sarcasm. Well, more like a flash flood, but afterwards I wondered what does it mean to be a Saint. I think many people, as I did, think a Saint is some morally flawless person; some heavenly God-servant with nothing but angels and worship on his mind. A moral leader of the people. Maybe the Church (insert religion here) believes that also, but to me it seemed a Saint was someone who was perhaps just as ordinary and conflicted as we are. Someone with a few stains on his rug who takes it upon himself to help other people with their particular burdens- whether it was a product of their own misbehavior or not- while having to deal with his own, and that's a charming thought. To think there are people out there who are just like us and yet are willing to sacrifice time and comfort on their part to bring some of that to us.

To be clearer, a Saint would not be someone who goes to church every week, who never did a bad thing or never told a lie, never stole, or never got in a fight. That's just an incredibly boring human being or the morally perfect human being. A Saint suffers for you. A Saint is a servant who asks nothing in return. They are no more or less than you are, but even so are willing to help you for the sole purpose of helping you without some form of compensation. Whether that's the right way to live life, well, whatever floats their boat....

As for Sinners, well. I certainly fit the mugshot and in terms of Sinners the only definition I can offer is there's the good sinner (normal people), the bad sinner (you've got bad intentions and you know it), and the downright wicked (you're a serious threat to people).

How to judge beforehand, lol. Good luck.
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