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Published by Sir Cameron in the blog That inner voice.... Views: 105

Heh, I really don't know what I'm trying to say- guess I just need a place to spam my thoughts- and perhaps get a wee bit of encouragement/advice/good talking too, whichever.

So I know I've been kind of a fleeting presence here the past 18 months or so. I started off strong, but tapered off mainly due to my moving over to Ireland (I'm from California lol), which lasted a year.I did a christian discipleship/humanitarian programme over there (Dundalk, if anyone's familiar with the area), and it's helped to change my life. Lot of recent events here, which I may, or may not, get to later- have helped to formulate the rest. Heh, am I rambling? Sorry, I tend to like my own voice and generally have to talk (or write) things out. So, my current mountain to climb...

Getting to Queens Uni in Belfast. I have a few mates there, and I absolutely love the place. I'd be doing a major in either English or Linguistics (or a double if I dare to be so daring), and I haven't the faintest clue when it comes to applying, and aquiring, grants and scholarships. I'm planning on taking my SATs and ACT soon enough- and Queens hasn't been very helpful (understandably so- new year, so I'm sure they're swamped).

So... I really don't know what I'm asking... just want strangers to listen to me I suppose.

So... what do you think?
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