Slap in the face aka inspiration!

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Today like lighting inspiration struck, writing is no longer my punishment, when I least expected it inspiration, tucked in the the pages of my previous work, I began a rewrite which turned into a completely new story with new characters and a brand new plot. I have an insane urge to shout Eureka and wiggle my glasses triumphantly, sadly this plan was brought to a stand still by the fact I don't wear glasses.

Writing feels like it did two years ago, it doesn't feel like work anymore. It feels relaxing and freeing, I have even inspired my sister to pick up a pen, she's love's those heart wrenching biographies that get turned into made for television movies, so naturally she's writing a fictional story along similar lines.
Where as I am a fantasy fiction nut, so of course that what I write and thats what I hope will be my contribution to the world of fantasy. To be on a shelf along side the books that have kept me awake many nights, pulling those infamous words we have all said from my mouth, "just one more page, then I'll go to sleep, just one more page!"
And hopefully someone who isn't family would purchase a copy and either love it or hate it, either way it wouldn't matter because it would have been read by someone who hadn't be blackmailed into reading it by the phrase "You know how you love me?" and "You're family you have little choice"

I wish all of you with finished novels, poems, scripts and anything else you may have written all the luck in the world! I hope you make it and inspire future generations to write as, we were inspired by the the books we've read so many times we've broken the spine!
Celebrate any work you complete even if it never gets published remember every NO gets you one step closer the that Holy Grail of a YES!!

Good Luck my fellow creative nuts :D
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