Slave country once more

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Looks like USA is going to prove to us after all as to how much they can stoop. They've already entered with their armies in FATA ( a part of a province in Pakistan), and are quite sure they can simply round up the remaining country no problem. They believe it's their 'right' to take over the country by military - right my foot. I am so willing to walk up to the future president of USA and spit on his face for once.

Then again, I don't think they've done anything too evil. They been materialistic and stone hearted jerks but they had every right to avail that. A local saying goes: 'The oppressed are more at fault than the oppressor'. Meaning, that only the consent of the oppressed allows the oppressor to oppress them; it is thus, the fault of the people of Pakistan that this day has come upon us. To consider; no one really cares. All the people I've interviewed are least bothered. In fact, they are willing to migrate to Western countries no problem. No sense of patriotism exists in these people. I announce today: Pakistanis are DEAD. SPIRITUALLY NONEXISTENT.

But yeah, with every passing day my hate for my people and those jerks in USA increases, whilst I somewhat plot for my country. They say I'm just a girl living in a failing constitutional frame following a condemned religion. I say: watch me. 'Cause I ain't taking no beating.

DISCLAIMER: No offense meant whatsoever to any US citizen. I do dislike USA, no doubt, but to assume that I mean to offend or insult a certain individual, is very wrong. American people are humans just as me and stereotyping them is the worst thing I can do to myself.
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