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Something big, but what did they handle? None of it made any sense. A WMD lab buried in the mountains beside the construction facility, with people converted to cybernetics in some weird, butchered way. Just what the hell did Koch have planned?

She noticed a sealed room on her right, and started over there as another man, holding a clipboard, exited from inside. Hopefully, the dead woman’s ID would work the lock or even the dumbest of the dumb would notice her trying to enter somewhere she didn’t have access to enter. Well, sitting around second-guessing everything wouldn’t accomplish a damn thing. Kate, working hard to keep a nervous shake from showing, walked over and slid the card through the reader.

The lock turned green, and she raised both eyebrows, as the entrance popped open. She stepped through into the empty room, trying to keep her movements relaxed. Only way someone would notice she didn’t belong now would either be from finding the body-unlikely-or her mannerisms giving things away.

Just take a deep breath, Katie, things will be ok.

An empty room greeted her as the door shut, and she let out a deep breath. Cages of animals, trashing and crying to be fed, lined the right side and around to the rear of the room, and she shook her head. How could anyone, even if they were experimenting, leave animals to starve like that? It reeked of the inhuman behavior that existed on Barcelona and within it’s many arena and fields.

Kate glided by the animals, while reaching through some of the cages and petting them, as she approached a set of vials and a portable computer. Six of them, each marked with the same long, unpronounceable name, which she couldn’t have spoken if she’d tried, with different strain numbers. She picked each up, noting the dates, and saw the latest one had been completed that day.

So, Koch had built himself a biological weapons facility right under the nose of Reyes and everyone else. Impressive, she had to give him that, but his efforts would come to naught because all it took would be triggering the distress beacon, and Fleet would be down on him like a swarm of hornets. However, first things first, because getting a sample out for analysis meant more now, then subtly.

She palmed a vial, approached the door, and swiped the card. The entrance opened up, letting the brighter light from the main lab in, and she stepped out. No one noticed her walking, until someone yelled at her. What the hell now?

“Hey,” he said, “You can’t wear those shoes in here!”

Ah fuck!

The security guard, half asleep when she entered, jumped into action, and he started to close. Well, subtly definitely went out the window, and it would take skills, and lot of luck, to get out of this mess. She backed towards the door, eyes darting back and forth, a plan starting to formulate quickly.

Use the vial for leverage!

A man, near the door tried to run up, and she raised her hand, letting everyone see the vial. He slid to a stop, body language stiff and eyes growing wide, as everyone else in the room, including the guard, stayed where they stood. Well, that answered the question about whether or not the agent was deadly.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

She slipped backwards, the ID in her other hand towards the door, keeping one eye on them and the other on the rooms map her processor supplied from her early glances. One man stepped towards her, hand held out, his moves slow and calculated, trying not to spook her, but he didn’t realize she had a good idea what was inside the vial, and how it gave her the upper hand.

“Put that down,” he said. “You don’t have any idea what you’re holding.”

Kate stepped to her left, stopping by the reader, and she turned her head long enough to get the card into the reader. She turned around, and smiled inside the mask, because they’d thought there’d be enough time to rush her and get the vial back. Fools. They were out of their league now, and didn’t even know it.

“I think I do,”

“Koch is going to kill you,” he said, “whoever you are.”

She looked over the guard, who spoke into a wrist communicator and made a quick decision. Security would know about the intrusion now, which would make escaping with the vial nearly impossible. They’d just seal doors, locking her inside, and wait for her to give up. Damn. All that effort wasted, and it all came down to one man spotting her fucking sneakers!

She pushed a button, the door started to close, and right before it did, Kate flung the vial out into the lab.

“Here! Catch!”

The inner door shut, blocking her vision, as the vial flew through the air towards the shocked researchers. A hissing sound told her the outer door opened and she raced through, tearing the mask off and then the rubber suit. She reached the windows as someone caught the vial, and fumbled with it for a couple seconds before he dropped it.

She stood at the window, hands on the windowsill, as the agent started to spread. Horrified expressions on the scientist’s faces turned to one of agony as their mouths opened, the screams blocked by the sealed window, but Kate could hear them in her head. Unconsciously, she balled her hands into fists, lips flattening into a thin line, as blood ran from their mouths, ears, eyes and noses, anywhere the red liquid could escape it did.

My God. I just killed them all…

Kate wiped her face with her hands and turned to leave. A team of security guards, five to be exact, each armed with rifles, stood with her in their sights. She didn’t need to scan the firearms to know what kind of bullets they carried. They looked at her, eyes narrowed and burning, a couple holding their rifles so tight that their hands were turning white.

“Come with us, cupcake!”
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