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Snow day!!

Published by Milady in the blog Milady's blog. Views: 134

Not that it matters to me, since I have the whole week off for exams anyway... but it brings out my inner child.

My corner of the world has been in a severe drought for just under a year. This has been the driest winter ever. Compounded with the fact that we haven't had snow for five years, and I was totally in awe when I saw the white stuff heaped everywhere this morning.

So, of course, I go out to play. I can be a four-year-old when I want to, right? I spent about an hour chucking snowballs at my little brother, crashing into trees on sleds, and falling on my rear end. A lot.

And so, after being totally humiliated and still having the time of my life, I come in to warm up and check out the forums...

Haha! Snow day!

Yay, snow!:D
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