Snow Time Like The Present

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It's been a brown autumn this year, no snow, just brown trees, brown leaves, brownish grass, dirt. Cold enough for snow but only a few passing flurries. Seems unfair, cold without snow. The lawn decorations and lights look odd without the white patina around them. And no snow forecast for today.

Then it happened. Early morning the flakes began to drift down. Not thick, but steady. When I went out into the cold dawn to fill the bird feeders it settled on my shoulders, like ashes, and I had to brush it off the feeders, watched by a scolding chickadee. I hardly felt the cold, though the bird bath is frozen solid, and the lakes are beginning to ice over. Snow kept up through late afternoon, and a bit even tonight. Tiny white flakes piling up just enough for appearance's sake, not enough to cause trouble. I doubt I will even get out the snowblower, I can handle it with a shovel. Tomorrow. Tonight I will simply let it all be. Let the magic of memory work its charm.

Tonight we were inside with a roaring fire but I think the embers will be cool enough by midnight. And anyway the kids are far beyond the Santa stage, their mom and I lay out the remaining presents and fill the stockings by 9, and everyone stays out of the living room till dawn. The idea is still there, but we're just going through the loving motions. So many Christmases we have been fortunate enough to enjoy. I remember the magic of the tree left on all night, maybe peeking out there to see what came, and I know our kids felt it too. Santa's fading out was a rite of passage, but he left some dreams and wonder behind.

And so to bed. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.
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