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He wore beige lips, pursed tightly together like a knot in a securely-woven rope. The papyrus paper lay beside him, denoting in a dark ink where the slumber men reside. ‘Dirty, rotten’, his teeth muttered as they forged together in a violent clench, ‘dirty, rotten slumber men, my beautiful, she’s there, dirty, rotten.’

His fingertips lit a moonlight phosphorus and his nails extended from their root, ‘they’re gone, they’re all gone’. He rose from the behind the cowering trees and softly waved his hand. The earth cracked like plastic under pressure, and shot a deafening thunder towards the neatly aligned slumber men. Defenceless against the unexpected spell, they could do nothing more than let out short, crackling scream before being engulfed by the erupting moss and earth.

'Yes’, he said to himself, 'yes’.

He softly waved his hand once more and the fractured earth sealed and settled back into position. He moved with a mysterious grace, across the trees and towards the once guarded crystal coffin, picking up the sparkle left from the slumber mans remains and heaving it into his pockets; it would sell at a high price on the market.

The crystal coffin was laid thick like black marble, it was frosted like glass, and was as cold as ice, he could barely see the outline of her face or the colour of her auburn locks through it. ‘Don’t worry, I know what do to.’ He took a small, jade scalpel from his belt pocket, and moved it across the palm of his hand, he did not bleed.

He couldn’t.

He lifted the skin made from his incision and pulled out a tiny, stone phial. Slowly, he unscrewed its delicate top and spilled the contents upon the head of the coffin. The crystal bubbled and smoothed, revealing a transparent, mirror-like layer, ‘I can see you now’, he smiled, brushing the back of his hand against the crystal.

'Next time, you shall be my love once more'.
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